Love letters

Estimats enamorats!

Com que el nostre dia ja s’acosta, us oferim uns quants writings que vàrem escriure amb el tema: Love letter i que demostren que l’amor és un tema força complicat.


One Response to Love letters

  1. Coloma ha dit:

    I want to say you how I feel after we split up. I understand you. You met another gilr. A girl better than me. But why didn’t you split up with me after you went out with her?
    I want to forget you and I know I can forget you, but for this I need to start a new life.
    Yesterday, I bought a passage to New York. I wil travel tomorrow. I’ll miss you, but I must forget you.
    I send you this letter because I don’t have the strength for speaking with you.
    You are the only person I really love.
    I want to ask you an important qüestion for me:
    Have you ever loved me?
    I hope that you’ll be happy with her.


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